List of all the Greasemonkey scripts for Travian with detailed installation instructions. Improve the Travian interface with free and opensource scripts.

What is grease monkey? Why would I want a greasy monkey?

Ok, the name is a bit odd. But this is a ingenious piece of software. They explain it better than I can at the Greasemonkey Wiki.

Greasemonkey is an addon for the Firefox browser that allows you to run scripts that alter the pages that are displayed to you for certain websites. Every time after the page has been loaded greasemonkey will apply the active script(s) to it. The scripts can be used to remove or add elements to the page because they can change the source code (HTML). This allows you to modify the functionality and design of any website that is displayed in your browser without control over the actual files on the web server.

This seems pretty dangerous behavior but all greasemonkey scripts are open source and its very easy to see on which sites/pages the script operates.

Which browsers can I use?

I recommend using Firefox because it has full greasemonkey support.

If you really want to you can try to run greasemonkey scripts in other browsers. Some browsers don’t fully support greasemonkey so there are multiple similar script languages for other browsers.

You can also try installing Greasemonkey on a browser other than Firefox, (e.g. Internet Explorer or Opera) but I prefer not to do that.

Firefox and Greasemonkey

  • You need the Firefox web browser – Download and install
  • You need to install GreasemonkeyHow-ToAfter installing Greasemonkey you need to restart Firefox!
  • How to install a Greasemonkey script
  • How to manage my scripts in Firefox?

    toggle gs on/offAfter the installation of greasemonkey a little icon with a monkeyface appears in the bottomright of the Firefox window.
    -Open Firefox
    -Rightclick the monkeyicon in the bottom-right corner of the Firefox window to select which script should be activated or to manage them (how to manage installed greasemonkey scripts). Rightclicking the icon while visiting Travian allows you to select which scripts to use for that site.
    -Left click the monkeyicon to toggle Greasemonkey on/off. When Greasemonkey is turned off the face goes grey.

    Greasemonkey Scripts

    Travian Scripts for Greasemonkey

    All greasemonkey scripts for Travian can be found on, an online database of Greasemonkey scripts.

    How to edit Greasemonkeyscripts?

    The scripts are very similar to Javascript.

    All greasemonkey scripts are opensource so you can read the script before installing it. Greasemonkey scripts can be edited using any simple texteditor (e.g. Notepad).
    If you are a geek and prefer syntax highlighting try Notepad++; a text editor with built in support for the Javascript syntax.

    To select an editor: Right click the little monkey’s head in your status bar:
    Now click “Manage User Scripts”
    Then select the script you want to edit
    Click the “Edit” button
    Select your text editor* (first time only)
    Edit & save!

    *Notepad is located in C:/Windows/Notepad.exe

    Important: All filenames should end in “.user.js” (without the quotes)!

    How to install scripts?

    Click the link, and wait a second, you should see the installation window pop up. If that doesnt work download the script to your desktop. Make sure the filename ends in “.user.js” (without the quotes) and that Greasemonkey is turned on then just drag and drop your script on the Firefox window.

    List of Travian Greasemonkey scripts

    Battle Analyse v4.4.1

    Hosted Travian Greasemonkey scripts

    This is a list of all scripts hosted by

    – Extra links under villageslist.user.js – Simple script to add extra links under the list of villages. Edit this and choose your own links.

    – Travian List Of Attacks – Displays a draggable that can expand to show an overview of the most recent military activity in your alliance. Double click the box to expand/contract it. Very useful for alliance leaders.


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